Meet the Staff

Chelsi Rasmussen – Social Worker/Life Coach
Chelsi is a fabulous Life Coach and Social Worker who brings her gift of knowledge for being an advocate for women and children.  She has an excellent intuitive knowing when assisting her clients to move through their blocks, use their voices, set healthy boundaries and feel good enough and worthy to live exceptional lives.  Follow Chelsi on Instagram @chatwithchelsi.

Paul Ostler – Musician/Intuitive Life Coach
Paul is a gifted musician, singer, song writer and Life Coach.  His career background is construction management.  His people skills are impeccable and he is already practicing as an Intuitive Life Coach in his free time.

Violet Maw – Children’s Coach
Violet has a natural gift for sensitives walking the planet.  Raising two sensitive children of her own as a single mom, she has balanced motherhood and career.  She is gifted in organizational skills, intuition and writing.  She has even authored and is finishing editing her own novel, “The Stone.”  She will be overseeing our children’s division (coaching, mindfulness courses and managing emotions)

Chrystine Gonzalez – Body Movement to Release Trauma
We are so blessed to have a woman with so many diversified passions and talents on board with us!  Chrystine has developed a curriculum for children’s mindfulness processes and is remembered by all of her 4th graders for teaching them healthy life skills to deal with their emotions for the rest of their lives.  Her students even make emotional well-being kits to use for themselves at the end of the school year.  As a creative writer, she has and will be teaching courses on journaling for emotional healing.  She is also experienced as a dance instructor.  She will be teaching body movement for releasing trapped trauma.

Brenda Van Hoorn – Intuitive
Brenda adds love and support to our team along with a professional financial background.  She has been the CEO of a credit union.  Brenda is providing Intuitive, energy therapy sessions.  She will also be overseeing our financial assistance program; students that are going through trainings and pro-rated sessions for clients.  This is why our non-profit is essential.  Light Workers, Coaches, Therapists will be paid regardless of how much the client can afford.  Our donations will make up the difference.

Toni Blodgett – Sales/Marketing Director
Toni is a gifted intuitive.  She has a passion for animals and a deep connection with them.  She is a wonderful addition to our equestrian therapy!  Her professional background is in sales and marketing.  She will be assisting us with marketing our center, accepting donations and taking care of customer relations.

Art Schultz – Grounds Overseer
Art is gifted with his hands and creation.  He will be overseeing the grounds at the Light Center to keep the property in pristine shape.  He will use his creativity and expression through flowers, gardening and planting, to honor the earth and show off her beauty.