Welcome to a sanctuary that offers alternative healing for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain and suffering.

We provide pro-rated sessions, classes, tools and training in health and well being so that all individuals and families without discrimination have the opportunity to transform pain and struggle to thriving, successful lives.

We teach courses in mindfulness, self love, empowerment, heathy relationships, moving sabotage to success, and healthy mind and body.  We provide alternative healing modalities to assist in the journey.

Sandra Weller, MRET, Intuitive Life Coach Trainer, and Emotional Intelligence Trainer – UVU

Sandra Baker, Awaken Healing CenterThe Awaken Healing Center has been a dream of Sandra’s for many years.  She began her own healing journey thirty years ago.  Through a messy divorce, custody battle and loss of identity, she sought alternative and spiritual healing.  In 2002, she started her own private coaching practice.  Since then she’s founded Intuitive Life Coaching Academy and the Awaken Healing Center with a non-profit leg, helping individuals from all over the planet to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual pain and suffering, without discrimination.
Sandra is a trainer for the Rapid Eye Institute and a published author.  She released her first children’s book on self worth last year, ‘The Unique You’ sold on Amazon.
Sandra’s intuitive gifts and mediumship make her exceptional at getting to the core issue of a person’s suffering. Her tools and skills provide healing on all levels.  She now teaches them across the globe through her website, www.awakenwithin.net .